Saturday, 14 July 2012

Have No Fear! Our New Door Is Here!

On Tuesday July 10th 
a wonderful carpenter named Steve installed our new door that he hand sculpted himself!
This unique door is an amazing fit in the Spinning Ninny!
So I'm going to show you the process of it's arrival!

The Spinning Ninny was closed up on Tuesday!

We started early with much excitement and fish smell in the air!
Sean was enthusiastically carrying in a floor board to fix the dreaded step!

Our BEAUTIFUL new door!

Steve hard at work tearing the Ninny apart!

Lisa was hard at work too!

Lara got some painting done in the store.

Holly is vacuuming up some sawdust behind Steve!

The door is now fully finished and installed but I think
Should come check it out for yourself! (:
So come on down to The Spinning Ninny for some beautiful artwork.
Known as our new door!


Spinning Ninny

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Butterfly Framing


Made By: Melissa McCrosky
Made From: Real butterfly/moth wings

Today the sun is out in Cowichan Bay,
So the butterflies have come out to play!

Some fly around and others do not,
There in Spinning Ninny waiting to get bought!

Absolutely stunning to wear,
Everyone will notice your there!


Circle Morpho

Triangles & Small Circle Morpho's


Big Honking Pendant

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Feature of the week!


Made By: Dear Pony
Made of: Bamboo

Bamboo: Has a natural lustre, a beautiful drape, 
soft to the touch, machine washable, will not stretch, or wrinkle

Price: $74
Available Sizes: S, M, LG

Welcome to the Spinning Ninny!

 Welcome to Spinning Ninny!

Just so everyone knows we are open
Tuesday - Saturday 11am-5pm-ish
Located in Historic Cowichan Bay, BC.
Just look for our red shoes on the chair or our large mosaic signs!
We will keep the blog updated on new products just for 
YOU! (:

Have a terrific Day


Spinning Ninny


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